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Washi Tabi Socks
Melange Goji


Made in Japan.

The Washi Tabi sock is constructed from a unique blend of slit-cut Japanese paper yarns – also known as washi ito. Washi yarn draws on Japan's rich heritage in working with paper and is lightweight, quick-drying, and naturally absorbs and retains moisture from the air, giving it a soft and dry feel to the touch. Designed to be worn with or without split-toe footwear.

One Size: The stretchability of the Washi Tabi sock allows it to fit comfortably from sizes M5-M12.


Washi (Japanese Paper) 50.7%, Acrylic 24.6%, Rayon 14.3%, Polyester 6.3%, Wool 2.1%, Nylon 1.3%, Polyurethane 0.7%