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Suunto Cordura® Shoe Bag


Constructed from durable woven Cordura fabric with a technical zipper, the District Vision x Suunto shoe bag is an extremely lightweight, durable, and breathable vessel for shuttling shoes and other gear to and from track workouts and trail runs, allowing garments, shoes, and meditation tools a chance to breathe when in transit. Knitted in Kyoto (Japan), the 540g mesh is weaved using a traditional Japanese knitting technique that slows the machine down to create a highly abrasion resistant mesh.

Each bag is complemented by a Suunto micro compass. Suunto has been equipping adventure and mountaineering athletes since 1936 with outdoor compasses and high precision sport watches. The Finnish Company was founded in 1936 by Tuomas Vohlonen and widely credited for a unique method of filling and sealing a lightweight compass housing made entirely of celluloid and filled with liquid to dampen the needle and to protect it from shock and wear due to excessive motion.

Fabric weight: 540gsm
Fabric origin: Kyoto, Japan
Fabric composition: 100% Cordura® Nylon