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Max Vallot
Mindful Movement


The Introduction to Mindful Movement course, based on five years of research and development with world class runners and meditation experts, is designed to help you explore the dynamic between silent and moving meditation. We're introducing eight mindfulness themes (breath, sounds, emotions...) that are being taught as seated and running sessions respectively. It’s a unique format aimed at helping you establish a more examined approach to running and life in general.

The goal of this course is not to make you run faster or become a better meditator. There is another game to play here and it's about exploring the nature of the mind in all of its depth and complexity. Let's bring these new learnings to our physical training and become wiser and more compassionate in the process.

  • Learn to understand the difference between observing and feeling the breath as Max guides you through the first seated meditation of this course.

  • Get to know the foundations of mindfulness as you begin to bring your attention to the sensation of breathing and cultivate body awareness.

  • Dive deeper into mindfulness practice as you develop a steady awareness of the sensations of your body, such as hands, feet, eyes and tongue.

  • Already in times of the Buddha, walking has been considered a form of meditation. Become mindful with every step you take as Max guides you on a walking meditation.

  • In this session, bring your attention to the sensation of hearing and the sound vibrations entering your experience.

  • Bring your attention to your bodily sensations before and during your running practice, and become aware of the sounds that surround you.

  • Become aware of your emotional states and feelings, and how your bodily sensations relate to what’s going on in your mind.

  • Dive deeper into your mindfulness practice through investigating your moods and feelings.

  • In this meditation practice, Max guides you to look closely at whatever thought is arising in your awareness and to notice its qualities.

  • Sharpen your concentration by beginning to pay close attention to every thought that arises.

  • While paying attention to your inner life, connect to the feeling that initially attracted you to pursuing your running practice.

  • Become intimate with your mind as you explore the inner life of your running practice.

  • Experience a state of open awareness and cultivate a non-judgemental attitude when exploring the nature of your mind.

  • Integrate a quality of care, curiosity and kindness as you begin to integrate mindfulness into your every day.

  • In the final meditation, play with the dynamic between narrow attention and open awareness, two aspects of traditional mindfulness practice.

  • In the final session, explore the dynamic between single-pointed awareness and open awareness as you bring mindfulness into your daily life.