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Guru Marathon
Sri Chinmoy


Published in collaboration with the Sri Chinmoy Centre and edited by Sanjay Rawal, this book contains a trove of archival photographs, writings, and running journal entries spanning Sri Chinmoy's lifetime of teachings at the intersection of meditation and athletics.

For Sri Chinmoy, a marathon was an opportunity and a method to overcome the confines of the ego tunnel. He saw the thresholds of human potential as the most fertile soil for growth and, perhaps, self-transcendence. His legacy is carried on by innumerable devotees worldwide, with various races bearing his name, including the longest footrace in the world, the 'Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race', held around a single half-mile city block in Jamaica, Queens every summer for a duration of 52 days.

Printed and bound in Belgium.

144 pages.

19cm x 24.5cm.