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GaTa & Max
Mind Discovery


In this DV Tapes course we invite you to join a very personal journey with rapper–actor GaTa and DV co-founder Max, exploring mental health, meditation and the power of sound.

Having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder 10 years ago and having suffered from high levels of anxiety, GaTa has discovered mindfulness as a transformational tool to support his mental wellbeing. Together GaTa and Max talk about the potentials of meditation in developing self-awareness and cultivating loving kindness.

This course was developed in collaboration with New Balance with the goal of raising mental health awareness for all. No prior meditation experience is needed.

  • Meditation will help you explore the mind. Join GaTa and Max as they discuss their relationship to the practice, and lead a short mindfulness meditation to kick off the course.

  • Music is a powerful tool for self-discovery and creative expression. GaTa and Max discuss the role of sound, silence and consciousness in dealing with mental health challenges, appreciating life, and cultivating creativity.

  • GaTa talks about his mental health challenges, living with high levels of anxiety and bipolar disorder. An invitation to come into conversation with the mind, meditation has been a pathway for GaTa to return to the present moment and investigate the role of balance.

  • Max and GaTa share resources and personal insights about their own practices, and discuss their experiences in finding rhythm, focus and self-acceptance throughout their meditation journeys.

  • This session introduces the practice of loving-kindness meditation. In Buddhism, this form of meditation is also known as ‘metta’ and begins with cultivating a quality of compassion towards oneself, and then applying it to someone we are close to—envisioning joy, health and happiness.

  • How can we make running a meditative experience and a form of self-discovery? Simply start by feeling the point of contact between your feet and the ground, and take a few steps forward while your awareness rests on bodily sensations.