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Emily & Brenda
Runners Heart


In an intimate and personal setting, Olympic runners Emily Sisson and Brenda Martinez talk about the mental tools and techniques that have supported them in their running careers. They share how they have dealt with adversity, failures and challenges, and how these moments have become gateways into personal growth, self-discovery and development. This DV Tapes course was created in collaboration with New Balance with the aim of inspiring your own self-exploration, whether you are a professional athlete or a new runner. All you need is an open mind.

  • Join Emily as she recounts a series of mental hurdles during the London marathon, and the way these hurdles affected her physical state of being and her ability to run. She shares how grounding herself through mental techniques, such as meditation and mindfulness, helped her regulate the nervous system and find a state of equanimity.

  • Having faced a serious life crisis, Brenda shares how developing self-acceptance and an inner attitude of gratitude supported her recovery from depression. Implementing daily self-care routines, such as journaling, has empowered her to take ownership of her mental wellbeing.

  • Our inner attitudes as well as the quality of our feelings and mental states can be game-changers in any competitive setting. Cultivating a beginner’s mindset full of curiosity towards our performance transforms running into a practice of growth and perpetual learning.

  • Brenda talks about how failure and stress, especially during the Olympic year of 2016, have forced her to develop resilience, both towards herself and the runners around her.

  • Having faced feelings of guilt, shame and failure throughout her career, Emily discusses how she has transformed adverse mental states using self-compassion and affirmative self-talk.

  • In this bonus session, Brenda discusses the importance of centering oneself in the present moment to mitigate emotional distractions. Actively utilizing an attitude of gratitude from the moment she wakes up, she is able to acknowledge and pay respect to the community support that surrounds and uplifts her.