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Alex Olson


Professional skateboarder Alex Olson takes us through his personal breathwork and meditation routine. Exploring rapid and slow breathing techniques, a set of movement sequences rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a Hawaiian prayer for peace and reconciliation, as well as sitting meditation. This course is designed to complement and develop your own practice and no prior experience is needed. Simply find a quiet place, and bring a mat or blanket with you.

  • Get to know Alex as he gives you a first overview of the course, including its content and structure.

  • Recalibrate your mind and body with a set of simple yet effective Qi Gong movement sequences, such as Shaking Tree, Zen Swing and Two Hands Holding the Sky. Feel your body’s energy as you actively cultivate your Qi.

  • Sharpen your focus and develop your concentration with Yogic breathing technique Sama Vritti, also known as equal breathing.

  • Explore classic Pranayama exercises Kaballa Bati and Nadi Shodana before Alex guides you into a short meditation. Begin to find your inner center and tranquility.

  • A traditional Hawaiian practice that was created for peace, forgiveness, gratitude and love. Close your eyes as you repeat the prayer internally.

  • Connect to the sound of your breath as you chant the letters A U M. Let the vibrations resonate within as you close this course in silent sitting meditation.