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About Our Mindful Athlete Program
Most of us would agree that running is at least as much mental practice as physical pursuit. A harmonious dialogue between mind and body naturally leads to improvements in athletic performance. But can running become a form of meditation, a path towards self-knowledge? Is there a way to prepare for this level of insight? For the last five years, we have been working with leading athletes and teachers in the fields of yoga and mindfulness to investigate.

Our aim with the Mindful Athlete Program (MAP) is to provide an open-minded, non-dogmatic forum of exploration into the relationship between movement and meditation. The program was premiered in April 2016 for a select group of runners at the Red Hook Crit. Working closely with Black Roses NYC co-founder Knox Robinson, it was further developed for New York City marathon participants as part of a six-week course.

At the foundation, we believe that a more inquisitive approach to running can be cultivated by a complementary practice of mindfulness. Awareness-based exercises offer an access point to a state of alert relaxation and the possibility of meditation. We welcome everyone who is interested in self-discovery or simply winding down. For more information on upcoming programs follow us on Instagram.